Saturday, May 5, 2012

Visions of the Future

UNYP seniors talk about their plans after graduation

By Danijela Demarin

It is that time of year again. The time when UNYP seniors prepare to say goodbye to Legerova 72 and start looking for their place in the adult world. Their plans range from earning more degrees to opening their own businesses. And a number of students are still undecided about their future.

Tibor Rujder, a Business Administration student from the Czech Republic, has a well-developed plan for the continuation of his studies. He is going to King’s College in London to study for an MSc in finance. “London is my choice because of the variety of people I will meet as well as the good reputation of King’s College, which is among the top 30 universities in the world,” Rujder says. After finishing the program, he plans to work for several years and later pursue a master’s degree in business administration. “I see this combination as a very strong base for my future employment, and it will also provide me with high-quality knowledge for my own future business,” Rujder concludes.

Michaela Baginova, a Communication and Mass Media student from the Slovak Republic, is planning to enter the Master of Fine Arts program at Academy of Art University in San Francisco, and study either Motion Pictures and TV or Acting. “Since I am very interested in music and movies, my career goal is to work in the entertainment industry,” Baginova says.

Tereza Grubrová, a Psychology student from the Czech Republic with a certificate in International Relations, is planning to get her master’s degree in clinical and counseling psychology from LaSalle University in Prague. “The program is offered through UNYP, so I can be in the same environment that I’m used to, and at the same time get a respected degree in something that I love,” Grubrová says. Since classes are held on weekends, she is planning to work in the meantime, preferably in the field of psychology. Grubrová added: “I definitely believe it will help me get a job in the future. And the great thing is that it is so specifically oriented; therefore, I can go straight to work as a clinical psychologist/counselor.”

Sanja Ilić from Croatia, a Communication and Mass Media student, is changing the direction of her interests slightly. Although she studied media for four years, she sees herself in the future as a successful event planner. To help achieve her goal, she hopes to be adequately educated in Event Planning Specialization at Istituto Europeo di Design in Barcelona. Still, her ambitions reach above that. “The specialization, as well as improving my Spanish, are for now my number-one goals,” she says. “However, in the near future I would like to apply to the IED Barcelona master’s program in Web 2.0: Design, Communication, Marketing and Advertising.”

Olga Danyukova, a Russian student double-majoring in Business Administration and International Economic Relations, has less specific plans for the future. Still in doubt whether to work for some time or immediately apply for a master’s degree, Danyukova mentions her preferred future school, one famous for launching people to the highest positions in widely known companies. “The ESB Business School in Reutlingen, Germany offers a combination of studying abroad and practical use of knowledge,” she says. For now, she gives the advantage to a job, believing the experience is an important factor for future managers.

 Maya Humbatova, a student from Azerbaijan, also double-majoring in International Economic Relations and Business Administration, is planning to continue her studies by applying for a master’s degree in international business at the University of Economics in Prague. Relying on her personal motivation as the greatest ambition in the future, Humbatova says, “I think a master’s degree will help me in my future career, where I see myself working in the renewable energy industry or sustainability consulting business.”

Vivienne Strelecka, a Slovak student of Communication and Mass Media, has decided to continue studying in her field. “I applied to the master’s program at Charles University, where I am hoping to advance my knowledge in media studies after passing the entrance exam in June,” she says. When it comes to finding a job, Strelecka has her options wide-open, hoping to increase her possibilities after receiving an advanced degree.

Another Communication and Mass Media student, Andreas Stylianou from Cyprus, has quite different plans. “I am planning to open a tavern offering Cypriot specialties highly influenced by Greek, Turkish, Lebanese, Italian, French and African tastes, flavors and aromas,” he says. When it comes to the continuation of studies, he is thinking of applying for a master’s degree in one of his areas of interest, such as sociology, anthropology, music conducting, public relations or political communication. He adds: “My career goal is to be happy in everything I do, so I can do it well. I want to contribute to the community and help the next generation have a better social template to start with.”

UNYP students are officially graduating on Saturday, June 23 in a ceremony starting at 5 p.m. at Palác Žofín. After the usual speeches, graduates will receive letters of acknowledgment and then symbolically move the tassels on their caps from left to right before throwing the caps in the air, marking the end of their UNYP studies.

The graduation party will follow in the evening at Občanská Plovárna, where graduates will be able to celebrate with their friends. The party is being organized by Šimon Pavúk, event manager at Student Zone Prague.

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